sustainable fabric 

 out of thin air 


 fabric out 

 of thin air 


 fabric out 

 of thin air 

An Alarming Situation

The fashion industry produced almost 5% of manmade CO2 emissions in 2015 – more than aviation and shipping combined. Synthetic fiber production accounts for around 40% of total fashion industry emissions.



On current trend, the negative impacts of the industry will be potentially catastrophic. If the industry continues on its current path, by 2050, it could use more than 26% of the carbon budget associated with a 2°C pathway.


 is no solution 

Most of materials which are currently used in the fashion industry are concerning because they are associated with environmental pollution, depletion of scarce resources and lack of recyclability. The current sustainable solutions are not able to meet the demand of a fast growing market.

 Until now 

Fairbrics is developing the first synthetic fiber with a net positive impact on climate change and capable of meeting the demand of the market. 




LVMH Innovation Award Finalist

H&M Global Change Award

EUSIC 2020 Finalist

Andam Fashion Award Paris Runner-up

CleanTech Open France Laureate